Building factories of 21st century using IoT

  1. Elasticsearch is not a multi-region service and you would need different clusters in different regions to cater to regional searches.

DevOps Loop

With Real-Time Anomaly Detection

AWS services that let you move the data from on-prem to AWS

  1. AWS Database Migration Service
  2. AWS DataSync
  3. AWS Storage Gateway
  4. Amazon Kinesis Agent
  5. AWS Transfer Family

An Amazon Web Services Tip

Computation => Oversimplified

You watch a movie on Netflix, a computing resource (Server) streams the movie to your computer somewhere in the world.

Businesses generating their own electricity:

Architecture — IoT Data Ingestion and Analytics

IoT Data Ingestion (Tags) and Analytics

Akhil Jain

Sr. Solutions Architect (Big Data, IoT, ML) at Amazon Web Services |

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